Friday, March 22, 2013

Good Gracious

It's really easy to not blog. When you're just living life and not documenting everything, it's easy. I'll be honest, I've been really lazy lately with my shop and the blog and Facebook and pinterest and twitter. It's been a break that I really shouldn't have taken because I'm not an established blogger or shop owner and that's not something you can just stop and start without looking unreliable.

So, I'm here to say that I'll be here every week at least a couple times a week. I'm not going to commit to every day just for the simple fact that I have to be there for my kids more than my blog or business right now while they're still young.
Another thing I've been thinking in is starting to take my merchandise to craft fairs and shows. It's been a real leap for me to even get my etsy up and running, but now that I'm there branching out to the real world doesn't seem so intimidating.

My kids have been growing like weeds. The boy is finally starting to say words other than just bah, gah, mama and dada. He's been saying hi and no and yay, even Addy :) and of course grandma which isn't surprising considering what a big grandma's boy he's becoming.

The girls are so fun right now, they like to put on concerts and dance recitals for us. Popular songs include Mary had a little lamb, twinkle twinkle, ABC song, and old Mac Donald. And of course every dance recital is entirely ballet, because they're both ballerina princesses.