Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Post Memorial Day Post

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Well, I hope everyone got to spend time with family on Memorial day. My entire family went to my parents house for the holiday and had lunch and played games, it was a lot of fun.

source: barenakedislam.com
Even though all of that was great it had nothing to do with what Memorial day is truly about, remembering the brave souls that have fought for our country to keep us the land of the free. Without their courage to go and fight for our country, we wouldn't have the liberties to do all the things that make our lives so wonderful.

source: abcnews.go.com
 We, as a people, are greatly indebted to all the men and women, in our armed forces, who have given their lives to protect ours. I hope that everyone remembered to think of someone they know that has done that for them. And if you missed out yesterday, on Memorial day, you can always take time out anyday to think of someone who's fought for your freedom.

source: fineartamerica.com

Thank you to all those, who've fought to give the United States the freedoms that we all take for granted everyday.


Monday, May 20, 2013

What's new?

Well not much around here has been happening, as far as sewing. I've been so crazy busy with the kiddos and just life; my poor Etsy shop and blog have been a little bit neglected. I've been squeezing in a little bit of sewing here and there, but not as much as I typically do. For whatever reason, I've just been completely wiped out at the end of the day.

We've been trying to take the kids to more activities now that they're out of the tiny infant stage, so we went to the Zoo last weekend, the park a few times during the week,

 and Saturday the little ones got to see their big sister at her dance recital, followed by a water slide party with their cousins!

It makes me tired just thinking about it all again.

I think both me and my husband need a break from all the activity, we need to get back to our normal routine.

Look at that sexy man!
Overall, even with being tired, we're feeling very blessed to have our family safe and sound. The tragic events that happened in Oklahoma today has reminded me how fragile life can be and how much we need to appreciate the ones we love. My heart goes out to all those who've lost in the Tornado's and I pray that help and relief come to them quickly.


Had to add this one last cute photo!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Women's Clearance Shirt Refashion!

Finally, a post about women's clothing! I know I've been more inclined to post about babies and kids clothes, they're just so much cuter and easier to work with (less fabric).

The other day I actually went shopping for myself, this doesn't happen very often, but I had a really great coupon and it was kind of part of my mother's day gift. I found this really cute shirt, it had a high low hem on the bottom, was modest up top, 3 quarter length sleeves, and pretty neutral, PLUS it was on clearance for $7 and with my coupon it was only about $3!! Holy moly, how could I pass up a shirt that's cute and only $3!?

Well, I wasn't paying very much attention to the back of the shirt and found out, when I was already home from the VERY busy store, that the back had this huge gaping hole. Not a cute little cut out or keyhole, not a low back or even just a peek-a-boo, an intentional draped hole. It was hideous, it might've been cute if I were a young girl, but for this momma it wasn't working.

My solution to the problem was very simple, find a way to close the hole that looks intentional, so I pleated in the fabric and at each pleat sewed on bright pink accent button.

sorry about the blue undershirt

It turned out great! I wore the shirt to church on mother's day and my aunt commented on how much she loved it, especially the back with the buttons! When I told her that those were my addition she was very pleasantly surprised. It's such a compliment when the things that you make are noticed without people knowing it was you, until you tell them and then they're shocked.

ignore the spotty mirror :p
 I love my new shirt, and I know this doesn't help much, as far as people wanting to make things from scratch, but it does show you another way to add interest to a top that you're making for yourself or your child!


Friday, May 10, 2013

My new minis :D

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but most of what I make is either repurposed or upcycled. I'll take fabric from a huge t-shirt and turn it into a dress for one of my girls or a cute skirt, or completely take apart an item of clothing and use the pieces to make something much better with them. Repurposing and upcycling!

My newest creations are an upcycle from a vintage Dior sweatshirt jacket from the 80s! Lol it was actually one that I considered keeping intact and settling as vintage, but the zipper pull was completely broken and some the seam finishings were already looking a but pitiful.

So after a good wash and dry, I turned something that might have otherwise between thrown out into a new cute item for lovers of bows!

I know, pretty "green"of me right? Lol not only is this ecofriendly, but there are a lot of ways to wear these miniature beauties.


My favorite is wearing 2 at once under a high bun, so so cute and fashion forward! (sorry, forgot to take a picture of this one)

Can you tell I really love these? I've got a surprise too...are you ready? Too bad, you'll have to wait until tomorrow. I won't be cruel though, my post will be early and you'll like what I to say so that'll make it even better.

~ Allison

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I was doing the Kids Clothes Week Challenge last week and actually fulfilled the challenge of sewing children's clothing for at least 1hr per day the entire week. Posting, unfortunately, didn't happen every day though :/. I ended up hosting family at the last minute, so I was too busy to post. Them coming did, however, help me finish the challenge because their three little girls got three pretty new skirts out of being in the right place on the right week! Plus, I just really wanted to make their precious faces some new skirts.

This week I've been playing a bit of catch up. I've had some half finished projects I've been putting off for awhile because at some point or another I either got stuck or put out on them. Now that I've been sewing kids clothes for an entire week, everything else look extremely appealing; well for right now at least.

I'm so bad there are projects that have been neglected from as far back as Christmas, Yikes! There are a few things that I'll be posting about that I'm adding to With Sunshine, my shop on Etsy, that are new and very cute!

Sorry phone pics, my camera is getting cleaned!

As I finish these poor put aside projects, I'll post them for everyone to see :).