Saturday, October 27, 2012

Patchwork Button Belt Tutorial

The other day my oldest daughter was playing with her siblings and everytime she bent down to pick up a toy her pants would go so low that she had a BAD plumbers crack. The only solution was a belt and of course I didn't have a belt buckle on hand, so this is what I came up with.

It ended up taking about 20mins from picking out the fabrics, to the finishing touches. Little lady loves her new belt and it keeps her pants up :).

It's made from 6 different fabrics that I had in my scap pile including the lining fabric. You could really adapt this to any style, and color scheme that you'd like. 

The best way to get an idea of how long your belt needs to be is to measure the hips of the person you're making it for and add a few inches for growth. Then measure the beltloops on their pants to make sure your belt will fit through and won't be too wide.

Once you have your fabrics, arrange them in an order you like and sew your pieces together(remember to put all of them right sides together, I almost had an oopsy because I wasn't paying close attention to that). 

This is what the lining of my belt looks like. To get the lining and the outside to both look nice I put my front and back together and stitched around both short sides and one long side of the belt, leaving one long side open. On the open side I ironed 1/4in into the belt and topstitched that closed. 

Now just iron flat, attach your button and add your button holes and you have a belt just like my daughters!

   I just thought I'd add a few really cute pictures. Random, I know, but they make me smile :).


Or so she says

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Fun

Over the last few weeks we've been crazy busy. I think my husband's family has the most birthdays in October than any other month. 

Even with all the madness of birthdays, colds, and the usual level of chaos, we managed to take some time out last weekend to visit a pumpkin patch with the little ones(our oldest was at home sick).

They had the sweetest little stands and spots to take pictures and baby A was all over everything lol.

Our little Z-man was asleep for the first part of our excursion,  but he woke up in time to get a short photoshoot in himself. 

Love this face!
My husband wanted to get good group photos, but unfotunately there wasn't a very big crowd and there wasn't anyone to take the picture, so I was excluded(oh well). 
She was sitting in a pumpkin house!
She's a ham.
There were so many neat things there and we had a nice time just spending some calm time together.
I got in one picture! lol

Has anyone else been doing a lot of fun fall activities with your family?


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dropping the Ball & Tutorial

Well hello out there in Blogland....I didn't die and I haven't ran away to join the circus either. The only excuse I have is that I've been dropping the ball lately. In all aspects of my life it seems, except keeping my kids clean and fed of course, and I seem to be coming out of whatever fog I was lost in. That being said, below I have provided my long ago promised tutorial for my daughter's baptism dress.

I just made a simple dress with some pre-made panties embellished with ruffles on the rear. If you'd like to see how I did it keep reading.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Anniversary Darling!

Yesterday was Mr. Miller and my anniversary! We had dinner with our family, it was very low key, but last weekend we went on a date to celebrate :). It's always good to have time to ourselves to keep that connection and flame going. 
This is his signature face lol

So here's to us my love, to many years of wedded bliss; may our love grow as the time passes. 

I love you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Grilled Cheese Pizza!!

I have to tell you that this is probably the easiest, most rewarding dinner that you can make for your family. It's a good way to use random things to make something yummy that everyone will enjoy and devour.

Here's what you'll need:

-Pizza Crust (I just happened to have some mini pizza crusts in the freezer, but regular size works fine too)
-Pasta or Pizza sauce 
-Sliced Cheese (mine were american & american white)
-Shredded Cheese of your choosing (optional)
-Italian Seasoning (optional)

Before you start, preheat your oven to the temp that you pizza crust suggests, mine said to bake at 450*F. Now you can start assembling your pizza(s)!

Add your sauce and spread a thin layer until you have the amount you think is appropriate.

Take your slices of cheese, tear apart and place on your sauce. Looking yummy already!

Steps 3 & 4 are optional
At this point your pizza can just go in the oven to get all melty and delicious, but I've found that I prefer to put Italian seasoning and shredded cheese on top of the slices just to make it that much tastier.

Now put your pizza in the oven for around 5mins. I say around because I never actually use a timer I just watch until the cheese starts to bubble and by then it's ready. 

This is the best part of the whole process; once your pizza has cooled for a few mins slice it up and you're ready to enjoy. To me, it tastes like grilled cheese and tomato soup in pizza form. I hope you like it as much as my family and I do!


Covered in Babies

Today has been rough...just one of those days when everything seems to be a little bit harder for no apparent reason. I have two fussy babies because of allergies that are currently kicking the butts of myself, the hubs and the kiddos, and which have been the cause of extreme frustration. Like trying to get some fresh air and pick up the mail from the mailbox around the corner and ending up throwing a BIG pile of mail all over the neighbors yard in a not so graceful attempt to chase after my almost 2yr old with my 6m old in my arms. Not one of my better moments in motherhood, or trying out big girl panties today and ending up having not 1 but 2 wet messes both of which were on the carpet (of course). All in all, it's been a drive me crazy day and I can honestly say I can't wait for it to be over. As far as tutorials go, they will have to wait until tomorrow or maybe the next day. I need peace time to recover and regroup, wish me luck on getting my baby to sleep tonight! lol Sorry for all the moaning, I promise there will be something really interesting and good in the coming days.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Baptisms & Tutorials!!!

My children are getting baptized next Sunday and they are in need of some nice white clothing for the occasion. I am in the process of making them and while I do that I'm getting everything ready to show all of you how to make the outfits for yourselves! I can't wait to share with you and since baby A is a girl and baby Z is a boy you'll have an outfit no matter the gender you'd like to create for! I might be overusing exclamation marks a little bit, but I am very excited to share these outfits with you, hopefully I'll have one up for tomorrow (fingers crossed, sewing machine humming). Okay, back to work before the munchkins wake up from naptime!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Holy Smokes

Last week was a disaster of a week. My son hardly slept the entire week due to receiving shots and cutting his first tooth(not fun for nursing), my daughter got a black eye from launching herself off the end of the couch where she was "bouncing" and the church we attend ended up cancelling services because of copper thieves knocking out the electricity and causing all kinds of damage to the property. I can't blame my kiddos though because they've had a rough week with going to the doctor and all the trauma that's happened. We're into another week now though and it's already looking better than the last. My son slept last night and my daughter has healed almost completely from her couch launch, so they're both in much better moods and that's a relief. I'm setting up for some tutorial posts in the next couple weeks and I'm planning for more frequent posts. Well babies need breakfast, so until next time.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Post

Good Morning!

Hello everyone in blogland, my name is Allison Miller.

I'm a mother to two silly babies and step-mother to a super cute sassy 4yr old.I am the wife of a ZaNnY husband whom is totally random and I love, we work on our relationship and try to love each other more and more each day.

My family is my life and my all, so this blog will be dedicated to documenting our lives and everything that comes along the way.

My passions are sewing, baking and loving on my kiddos; just expect alot of those types of posts.

I hope you enjoy every minute along with me and maybe can relate to some of the things that I choose to write about.