Thursday, February 21, 2013

How did this happen?!

My tiny baby boy is 1 year old! It was like yesterday when he came into my life and now I've been lucky enough to spend a whole year being this incredible baby boy's mommy.

I'm such a sap when it comes to my kids every birthday, milestone, first anything makes me a blubbering fool.

Zander, you are so loved and we can't wait to spend many more birthdays with you sweet boy.

~ Allison

Friday, February 15, 2013

14 Days of Valentines Wrap Up

Well, I started the series a day behind and due to some unfortunate things I'm ending it a day late as well. It probably wasn't the best series ever, but I did it, I stuck with it and I've learned from it. These past 14 days have given me the chance to wake up and come up with something I'd want to share with the world. This whole experience has helped me grow as a seamstress, as a creative mind, as a blogger and it's given me something to shoot for. Thank you for following along with me, and I hope everyone sticks around for more, because I've got some more things up my sleeve.


Boys Robot Shirt

This shirt was made for my son for Valentines day, but  remembered that I had bought him a shirt already so it's just a cute new shirt for him now! I appliqued the robot onto the front of the shirt and then above that I added the words "Love Machine". Isn't that too flippin cute? Lol

I used the same method of applique that I mentioned in this post to applique the robot to the shirt. To put the words on the shirt I decided to use a freezer paper stencil. This method of stencil is great because freezer paper has a shiny side and a matte side and when you iron the shiny side onto fabric it seals off the edges of your stencil. You can do practically anything with a freezer paper stencil, it's really awesome!

The way the words turned out was really cool, I just love how it almost looks aged because it's not solid lettering.

I hope you like it, my little guy does!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Toddler Valentines

My daughter has seen all the hype I've created for Valentine's day and asked to make Valentines herself. We got out the construction paper and markers, a little glitter and glue and went to town.

I had her color on some pink paper and then cut a heart out of the scribbled area.

We added the heart on one card front for her Grandma and Papa, and put the heart negative on another for her Grama T.

We added some glitter to the middle of one of the hearts! She did so well to not make a big mess; which, for a 2 year old, is pretty impressive.

Then we made a card for Daddy :) he got extra hearts.

Don't these cute cards remind you of Valentines you made and exchanged when you were little? I know they'll all love their Valentines, what did you do with your children to get them involved in Valentines Day?


Me & You Tote Tutorial

I whipped this tote up during naptime! The process is very simple and it creates an adorable go-to bag.

I used canvas fabric for the outside of the bag and cotton for the lining. To add a little pizazz, I freezer paper stenciled a design on the front with fabric paint.

Cut your outer and lining fabrics into rectangles the size of your choosing, mine was 14 inches wide and 16 inches long. You'll also want to cut 2 strips of fabric that you'll use to make your straps, 9 inches long and 4 inches wide.

If you're using a thicker fabric like the canvas that I used, you'll want to iron your strap pieces in half and and then iron each long edge in halfway in toward the half point. I know it's a lot of halves, but trust me, it works and turns out perfect.

Once your straps are ironed you'll want to sew along the long the long open edge of each strap.

Now that your straps are ready, you can start pinning your main pieces together! Pin your lining and outer fabric right sides together and on one of the short sides you'll sandwich your strap.

Be sure to evenly space your handles, and once everything is in place sew along the short side with your straps.

With you straps in place you'll now pin your lining pieces right sides together and your outers with right sides together as well. It should look like a very long rectangle with the handles inside.

(Sorry didn't get pictures of this part!)
Sew your outer pieces together, and sew your lining pieces all but a 3 inch space to turn your tote bag right side out.

The space that you left to turn you bag will need to be stitched closed, and to insure your lining stays in place a little topstitching around the top of your bag will keep things neat.

There you have it! A spacious, useful tote bag that anyone would love to carry.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Homemade Chocolate Dipped Strawberries!

My little princesses were feeling left out of all the crafting fun, so my brilliant mother in law decided they should make chocolate dipped strawberries and pretzels(since my 2yr old is allergic to strawberries).

 Here's the result!

We used these really neat microwavable chocolate dipping cups. They were really easy and each one of them did quite a few strawberries and pretzels, even with little fingers dipping a little bit more than needed.

My oldest princess was a total mess, it was a good thing she was wearing one of daddy's shirts!

The little princess was more into eating all the pretzels she dipped instead of letting them harden to give as valentines to other people.

My sister in law was there to help with the strawberries and the ones that she made were really pretty with the drizzle of white chocolate over for decoration.

It was a total success, we have some very happy and sticky little girls as a result and a table full of chocolate goodness!

Poor little guy didn't get to play in the chocolate, but he got to try a chocolate dipped Cheerio.

The strawberries turned out great and were delicious (of course). We've already given some to various people and they've been so excited to get the yummy treats made by two little sweet girls.



I took the weekend off, and Monday. There was an uncharacteristically grouchy bunch of kiddos around here that kept me very busy, so I decided to spend all of my time getting them back in order. They're straightened out now and I've got some things to share!

New items in my Etsy shop!!

Super Cute projects that I want to try and share!

Love it!

Very cute!
Washi Tape is wonderful, isn't it?

I'll be adding another post later today and I'll be doing two tomorrow as well to make up for the lost day's. OOPS again!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentines Mantel Goodness

With all the projects I've been doing everyday, I have a lot of Valentines decor and had no idea what to do with it without filling the entire house with pink, flowers and hearts. This way all of the Valentines things are all on display I'm one place and will be easy to tidy when the holiday is over!

You've all seen, and maybe even made, the Ombre Heart Art.

The stuffed pouch hearts are the same kind that I sell on my Etsy shop.

I had hugs and kisses left over from the hugs and kisses cookies that I put in vases with some shiny red decorative grass and a Grosgrain ribbon bow tied around them.

The paper flowers I posted a couple days ago.
I can't remember where the red candle came from, but it was perfect with everything else.

 The X and O were a spur of the moment project with cardboard letter forms and little squares of tissue paper glued all over them.

The pink and white flower garland was made out of coffee filters and string. To make the pink flowers pink I dyed them with food coloring and to dry them quickly I baked them flat on a cookie sheet at 250 until they were completely dry. Then folded the filters in half, scalloped the edges, formed my flowers and tied them on string.
Check back tomorrow for another tutorial for 14 Days of Valentines and on Saturday my beautiful and crafty friend Hailey will be guest posting with her Valentines tutorial!