Saturday, January 26, 2013

Warning and Party Planning

So, I just wanted to warn everybody about the changes coming to the blog. I will be making the blog more personal as far as the look of AtoZ.the other thing I wanted to let you in on was that I will be incorporating ads to my blog as well, if we didn't need the extra income they wouldn't be there but I hope everyone understands.
Ok, now that all that's said we can move in to some much more fun things I wanted to tell you about!

Drum roll please.....

Baby boys first birthday party theme is Dino-mite! That's right; dinosaurs :) because every little boy's got to have at least one dinosaur birthday party in his life.

So of course I'll try to get his party to look something similar to this....
Original Source: Sweet Designs

Original Source: Celebrations At Home

 But of course it'll probably end up looking more like this haha....

Original Source: Dinochick Blogs
Either way it'll be fun for my little guy and if it does turn disastrous, at least he won't be old enough to remember. I'll be adding projects as I complete them and with any luck he'll have a Dino-mite first birthday party!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Stuff and First Birthday Soon

Be sure to check out some of the new things I have in the Etsy shop today! They're all one of a kind, so you'll never see anyone else with any of the things that come from With Sunshine.

I've added some cute accessories that would be great for gifts to friends, mothers, sisters and anyone needing something sweet for a good woman in their life.

There are also some new hearts up for sale, so if the one's that have been there weren't exactly your style, but you liked the design, then go look at the new ones and maybe they'll be more your speed.

In less than a month my youngest will be turning a year! How did that happen?! It seems like just yesterday that he was born and now he's almost walking, jabbering up a storm and full of life and personality that I never could have imagined.

I'll be posting more about the plans for his party and I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on what's going on over at With Sunshine.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Picturetime Part 2

If the first round of pictures weren't enough, here's some more and I might have to have a part 3 as well because I realized that I haven't posted Halloween, Thanksgiving OR most of Christmas! Goodness, I really am WAY behind.

Me and the Hubs were looking for fireworks on New Years Eve and I was the designated driver. Leave it to the ladies to be responsible AND beautiful all the while trying to have fun at the same time :p.
My kiddos are so cute! lol I just can't share enough pictures of them, I wish I had more pictures of my Bonus Princess :(.
This mask was what Baby A picked out at Target because she wanted to "be a scary monster" lol. You see who ended up wearing it though!
 At least I got kisses out of being a monster. :D
 This boy has gone from easily photographed to a major blur in almost every natural shot of him. Busy boy.
 My etsy shop is officially up and running and these are a couple of the little lovelies that I have for sale there.
 I love how this heart turned out because it's just so simple, yet still very beautiful.
She likes her "scary monster" mask, which she's named her "Maskus."

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An Announcement

I've opened an etsy shop! The shop name is With Sunshine and I've been making some hearts for Valentines day, so here's a preview :).

Friday, January 11, 2013


This is the first installment of the pictures I want to share. It's all of the things that me and the family have been doing while I wasn't blogging. I hope y'all enjoy pictures of adorable babies, because that's pretty much every picture lol.
 We're in the process of potty training our 2yr old right now and it's going good some days and awful others. Hopefully soon it will be nothing but toilet!
 This little man has gotten SO BIG over the past couple months. He went from barely crawling to almost walking already. Z climbs all over the place and as you can see can get himself on the bouncy zebra and enjoy a ride.

 The kids got a toy wagon for Christmas and insist on riding in it even though there's a warning sticker saying not intended for children to ride. They don't heed that warning, imagine that!
 We've really been enjoying all the family that's been home for the holiday's. :)

Pictionary is fun, but my family is entirely too competitive to fully enjoy the game. We all get upset with each other for guessing wrong!
As you can tell from most of the pictures, the house has been overrun with toys and needs a good purging ASAP!


Monday, January 7, 2013

I've come back from the loonybin!

Ok I haven't really been in the loonybin all these months, but with all the holidays, lots of extended family and the constant flow of alcohol and sugar made it seem pretty close.

It's been a good kind of crazy, the kids have been eating up every minute of attention and excitement and it takes a little but of pressure off of me to have alot if family around that love to dote on my babies.

Over my brief holiday break, my baby princess turned 2! How in the world did my sweet angel baby girl turn into a toddler overnight like that? Her party was great and of course i was so busy trying to make sure everything was perfect that I didn't get any decent pictures of the room.

I have tons of pictures to share with y'all, infact later this week I'm going to do a post of pretty much just pictures. It'll be like a chronicle of things I forgot to write about :)

~ Allison~