Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Constant Chaos

No seriously, my life is filled with constant chaos. That kind of sounds like the name of a really awful band, maybe it is. Sorry, back to the actual subject. I'm NOT an organized person. I really would love to be and I have moments where I get somewhat organized, but it seems those moments are fleeting. It's an unfortunate thing, really, because so much time is wasted on just looking for things and trying to remember where that certain something was last seen.

My goal for myself, and for those following along, is to organize one area of my life. Whether that be a room, a schedule, a routine, or ideas. Just SOMETHING, anything organized within this week. I'm thinking that I really need to tackle my sewing/crafting space.

I, so fortunately, inherited a wonderful stash of beautiful fabrics, yarn, thread and notions that are still in their boxes and need so desperately to find a better home in my sewing space. Not to mention, my other things have been neglected for quite sometime on the organizational front. It's time! Are you ready? What will you organize?