Monday, September 30, 2013

The more way of life

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Everyday I find myself faced with countless things to do. They all seem essential and it all gets completely overwhelming. It's like, we wake up every morning with every intention of doing MORE with our day, but then when the things we need to do still are left by the wayside, it's entirely disheartening.

That's why, if I fail to put a post up here on the blog for a week, I just don't feel bad about it anymore. There are some things not worth the stress and guilt that we put ourselves through. I've decided to write a series of posts, I am by no means a trained professional, simply to motivate and de-stress anyone who's feeling a bit overwhelmed and wants to see that they're not alone.

If you think this is completely lame, well you're probably right, but maybe someone will get something from this and that's the only thing I'm looking for here. Hopefully, we can all go through this journey and realize the things that are most important in our lives and what simply needs to be let go.