Monday, September 3, 2012

Holy Smokes

Last week was a disaster of a week. My son hardly slept the entire week due to receiving shots and cutting his first tooth(not fun for nursing), my daughter got a black eye from launching herself off the end of the couch where she was "bouncing" and the church we attend ended up cancelling services because of copper thieves knocking out the electricity and causing all kinds of damage to the property. I can't blame my kiddos though because they've had a rough week with going to the doctor and all the trauma that's happened. We're into another week now though and it's already looking better than the last. My son slept last night and my daughter has healed almost completely from her couch launch, so they're both in much better moods and that's a relief. I'm setting up for some tutorial posts in the next couple weeks and I'm planning for more frequent posts. Well babies need breakfast, so until next time.