Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Fun

Over the last few weeks we've been crazy busy. I think my husband's family has the most birthdays in October than any other month. 

Even with all the madness of birthdays, colds, and the usual level of chaos, we managed to take some time out last weekend to visit a pumpkin patch with the little ones(our oldest was at home sick).

They had the sweetest little stands and spots to take pictures and baby A was all over everything lol.

Our little Z-man was asleep for the first part of our excursion,  but he woke up in time to get a short photoshoot in himself. 

Love this face!
My husband wanted to get good group photos, but unfotunately there wasn't a very big crowd and there wasn't anyone to take the picture, so I was excluded(oh well). 
She was sitting in a pumpkin house!
She's a ham.
There were so many neat things there and we had a nice time just spending some calm time together.
I got in one picture! lol

Has anyone else been doing a lot of fun fall activities with your family?