Saturday, October 27, 2012

Patchwork Button Belt Tutorial

The other day my oldest daughter was playing with her siblings and everytime she bent down to pick up a toy her pants would go so low that she had a BAD plumbers crack. The only solution was a belt and of course I didn't have a belt buckle on hand, so this is what I came up with.

It ended up taking about 20mins from picking out the fabrics, to the finishing touches. Little lady loves her new belt and it keeps her pants up :).

It's made from 6 different fabrics that I had in my scap pile including the lining fabric. You could really adapt this to any style, and color scheme that you'd like. 

The best way to get an idea of how long your belt needs to be is to measure the hips of the person you're making it for and add a few inches for growth. Then measure the beltloops on their pants to make sure your belt will fit through and won't be too wide.

Once you have your fabrics, arrange them in an order you like and sew your pieces together(remember to put all of them right sides together, I almost had an oopsy because I wasn't paying close attention to that). 

This is what the lining of my belt looks like. To get the lining and the outside to both look nice I put my front and back together and stitched around both short sides and one long side of the belt, leaving one long side open. On the open side I ironed 1/4in into the belt and topstitched that closed. 

Now just iron flat, attach your button and add your button holes and you have a belt just like my daughters!

   I just thought I'd add a few really cute pictures. Random, I know, but they make me smile :).


Or so she says