Friday, April 26, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Challenge Post 2

Jumping for joy :)
Tuesday, I showed you all how to refashion a stained shirt using simple polka dot stamping. Today, I don't have a tutorial, BUT I did make another garment yesterday that matches Tuesday's shirt!

Sorry about all the wrinkles, I had the skirt all nice and pressed, but
 this little gal was being CRAZY and had it entirely creased in 2mins.

This is just a simple little high waisted skirt, with a teal accent zipper in the back. I ended up having to put in a couple little darts, because I didn't measure my daughter and made the skirt a tiny bit big.

Love the little bit of baby fat still on her little body!

Again, sorry for the wrinkles.

She was very happy to hear that she had a new skirt after I got her up from her nap, so it shouldn't be a struggle getting her ready for church this Sunday.

This is what she was really wanting to do, instead of taking pictures!

This angel face is fully in the terrible 2's.
Tomorrow, I'll be showing you something for my little man that I made today :) you're going to love this one!