Thursday, May 2, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I was doing the Kids Clothes Week Challenge last week and actually fulfilled the challenge of sewing children's clothing for at least 1hr per day the entire week. Posting, unfortunately, didn't happen every day though :/. I ended up hosting family at the last minute, so I was too busy to post. Them coming did, however, help me finish the challenge because their three little girls got three pretty new skirts out of being in the right place on the right week! Plus, I just really wanted to make their precious faces some new skirts.

This week I've been playing a bit of catch up. I've had some half finished projects I've been putting off for awhile because at some point or another I either got stuck or put out on them. Now that I've been sewing kids clothes for an entire week, everything else look extremely appealing; well for right now at least.

I'm so bad there are projects that have been neglected from as far back as Christmas, Yikes! There are a few things that I'll be posting about that I'm adding to With Sunshine, my shop on Etsy, that are new and very cute!

Sorry phone pics, my camera is getting cleaned!

As I finish these poor put aside projects, I'll post them for everyone to see :).