Monday, January 7, 2013

I've come back from the loonybin!

Ok I haven't really been in the loonybin all these months, but with all the holidays, lots of extended family and the constant flow of alcohol and sugar made it seem pretty close.

It's been a good kind of crazy, the kids have been eating up every minute of attention and excitement and it takes a little but of pressure off of me to have alot if family around that love to dote on my babies.

Over my brief holiday break, my baby princess turned 2! How in the world did my sweet angel baby girl turn into a toddler overnight like that? Her party was great and of course i was so busy trying to make sure everything was perfect that I didn't get any decent pictures of the room.

I have tons of pictures to share with y'all, infact later this week I'm going to do a post of pretty much just pictures. It'll be like a chronicle of things I forgot to write about :)

~ Allison~