Saturday, January 26, 2013

Warning and Party Planning

So, I just wanted to warn everybody about the changes coming to the blog. I will be making the blog more personal as far as the look of AtoZ.the other thing I wanted to let you in on was that I will be incorporating ads to my blog as well, if we didn't need the extra income they wouldn't be there but I hope everyone understands.
Ok, now that all that's said we can move in to some much more fun things I wanted to tell you about!

Drum roll please.....

Baby boys first birthday party theme is Dino-mite! That's right; dinosaurs :) because every little boy's got to have at least one dinosaur birthday party in his life.

So of course I'll try to get his party to look something similar to this....
Original Source: Sweet Designs

Original Source: Celebrations At Home

 But of course it'll probably end up looking more like this haha....

Original Source: Dinochick Blogs
Either way it'll be fun for my little guy and if it does turn disastrous, at least he won't be old enough to remember. I'll be adding projects as I complete them and with any luck he'll have a Dino-mite first birthday party!