Friday, January 18, 2013

Picturetime Part 2

If the first round of pictures weren't enough, here's some more and I might have to have a part 3 as well because I realized that I haven't posted Halloween, Thanksgiving OR most of Christmas! Goodness, I really am WAY behind.

Me and the Hubs were looking for fireworks on New Years Eve and I was the designated driver. Leave it to the ladies to be responsible AND beautiful all the while trying to have fun at the same time :p.
My kiddos are so cute! lol I just can't share enough pictures of them, I wish I had more pictures of my Bonus Princess :(.
This mask was what Baby A picked out at Target because she wanted to "be a scary monster" lol. You see who ended up wearing it though!
 At least I got kisses out of being a monster. :D
 This boy has gone from easily photographed to a major blur in almost every natural shot of him. Busy boy.
 My etsy shop is officially up and running and these are a couple of the little lovelies that I have for sale there.
 I love how this heart turned out because it's just so simple, yet still very beautiful.
She likes her "scary monster" mask, which she's named her "Maskus."