Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Toddler Valentines

My daughter has seen all the hype I've created for Valentine's day and asked to make Valentines herself. We got out the construction paper and markers, a little glitter and glue and went to town.

I had her color on some pink paper and then cut a heart out of the scribbled area.

We added the heart on one card front for her Grandma and Papa, and put the heart negative on another for her Grama T.

We added some glitter to the middle of one of the hearts! She did so well to not make a big mess; which, for a 2 year old, is pretty impressive.

Then we made a card for Daddy :) he got extra hearts.

Don't these cute cards remind you of Valentines you made and exchanged when you were little? I know they'll all love their Valentines, what did you do with your children to get them involved in Valentines Day?