Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentines Mantel Goodness

With all the projects I've been doing everyday, I have a lot of Valentines decor and had no idea what to do with it without filling the entire house with pink, flowers and hearts. This way all of the Valentines things are all on display I'm one place and will be easy to tidy when the holiday is over!

You've all seen, and maybe even made, the Ombre Heart Art.

The stuffed pouch hearts are the same kind that I sell on my Etsy shop.

I had hugs and kisses left over from the hugs and kisses cookies that I put in vases with some shiny red decorative grass and a Grosgrain ribbon bow tied around them.

The paper flowers I posted a couple days ago.
I can't remember where the red candle came from, but it was perfect with everything else.

 The X and O were a spur of the moment project with cardboard letter forms and little squares of tissue paper glued all over them.

The pink and white flower garland was made out of coffee filters and string. To make the pink flowers pink I dyed them with food coloring and to dry them quickly I baked them flat on a cookie sheet at 250 until they were completely dry. Then folded the filters in half, scalloped the edges, formed my flowers and tied them on string.
Check back tomorrow for another tutorial for 14 Days of Valentines and on Saturday my beautiful and crafty friend Hailey will be guest posting with her Valentines tutorial!