Friday, June 7, 2013

Blue & White Striped Purse

 I shared my new purse on my Facebook Page last week and I had planned to share it over here the same day, but for some unknown reason, I just didn't. So, today is the day!

Let me just say, I love this new bag. It's smaller than my previous purses, but it's just big enough to have room for my stuff and a few baby essentials, WITHOUT everything getting lost in an endless cavern of a purse!

It's got a magnetic closure and a regular pouch inside, as well as a zippered pouch built right in! There's a few things I would tweek on the next one I decide to make, but this (being my first ever attempt at a purse) turned out really well.

Can't do a photoshoot without at least one silly shot

I hope to make a few more in other colors, maybe even some for With Sunshine!