Monday, June 3, 2013


How is it already June?! This month my biggest princess will be turning 5. It's mindblowing that this little girl will be schoolage in 2 very short weeks!

 I showed you guys a few pictures of fabric a while back and said I was playing catch up. Well, I'm still working on 2 of those projects(slowly but surely), but I completed one that I've been trying to finish since last year! Lol procrastination is a dear friend of mine, we're starting to cut ties though, thankfully.

This is the Christmas table runner my Aunt requested last year that I started and got cut out and partially appliqued. It sat for a couple months untouched, and then I just finished it, all at once.

It's a relief to have it done now I can give it to her and it's one less unfinished project laying around begging me to work on it :p. Oh did I mention that I made it reversible? Because I totally did and, of course, gave myself twice the work that I really needed to, haha.

At least she enjoys receiving her Christmas decor in the blazing summer.

Isn't my Aunt beautiful? Can you believe that she has 3 grown kids?! Love her so much!