Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sewing FAIL! lol

So I asked everyone on Facebook yesterday if they ever had anything start with the best plan and end up a disaster. Well when it comes to my sewing, sometimes I gave these grand plans to make something spectacular and then I get a reality check when all is said and done.

I haven't posted many boy projects for the simple fact that, so far, I've pretty much sucked at making boys clothing. It's not always boys clothing but typically I can go back and fix my girl stuff.

This was supposed to be a vest lol. It's a vest, just a very unfortunate one. Totally not what I had pictured or planned for.

 I made my son a Jon Jon that was super cute, well I thought it was super cute until I tried it on him and it was about 2 sizes too small!

I had even written an entire post for the silly thing before it was done because I was so excited about the way it was turning out.

 I think it's normal to make mistakes and totally flub some stuff. It just makes us human and means that nobodies perfect and out imperfection is part of what makes life great.

not a sewing fail :)

I did get something really cute made this week though! My bonus princess is turning 5! What?! Where did the time go, I can't believe these babies are growing so fast. So I appliqued a shirt for her party, can't wait to share pictures!

~ Allison