Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Women's Clearance Shirt Refashion!

Finally, a post about women's clothing! I know I've been more inclined to post about babies and kids clothes, they're just so much cuter and easier to work with (less fabric).

The other day I actually went shopping for myself, this doesn't happen very often, but I had a really great coupon and it was kind of part of my mother's day gift. I found this really cute shirt, it had a high low hem on the bottom, was modest up top, 3 quarter length sleeves, and pretty neutral, PLUS it was on clearance for $7 and with my coupon it was only about $3!! Holy moly, how could I pass up a shirt that's cute and only $3!?

Well, I wasn't paying very much attention to the back of the shirt and found out, when I was already home from the VERY busy store, that the back had this huge gaping hole. Not a cute little cut out or keyhole, not a low back or even just a peek-a-boo, an intentional draped hole. It was hideous, it might've been cute if I were a young girl, but for this momma it wasn't working.

My solution to the problem was very simple, find a way to close the hole that looks intentional, so I pleated in the fabric and at each pleat sewed on bright pink accent button.

sorry about the blue undershirt

It turned out great! I wore the shirt to church on mother's day and my aunt commented on how much she loved it, especially the back with the buttons! When I told her that those were my addition she was very pleasantly surprised. It's such a compliment when the things that you make are noticed without people knowing it was you, until you tell them and then they're shocked.

ignore the spotty mirror :p
 I love my new shirt, and I know this doesn't help much, as far as people wanting to make things from scratch, but it does show you another way to add interest to a top that you're making for yourself or your child!