Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Post Memorial Day Post

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Well, I hope everyone got to spend time with family on Memorial day. My entire family went to my parents house for the holiday and had lunch and played games, it was a lot of fun.

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Even though all of that was great it had nothing to do with what Memorial day is truly about, remembering the brave souls that have fought for our country to keep us the land of the free. Without their courage to go and fight for our country, we wouldn't have the liberties to do all the things that make our lives so wonderful.

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 We, as a people, are greatly indebted to all the men and women, in our armed forces, who have given their lives to protect ours. I hope that everyone remembered to think of someone they know that has done that for them. And if you missed out yesterday, on Memorial day, you can always take time out anyday to think of someone who's fought for your freedom.

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Thank you to all those, who've fought to give the United States the freedoms that we all take for granted everyday.